27Nov, 2023
Spicy Eggplants with Dried Shrimps 辣炒虾米茄子

What a heavy day today, knowing that I had to farewell an old time colleague a second time. The industry that I am working in is pretty niche, hence I was quite glad to know that an ex colleague was in the company that I just joined. But else, having joined for slightly more than 2 months, this old time colleague is going to leave again. Although I much knew people come and people go, but still knowing good old colleagues leaving is never a good feeling, especially the ones whom you can worked with.

Maybe as one grows older with friends getting lesser, and with the corporate scene that we are surviving in being more political than anything else, nothing beats true blue working relationship with people whom we can relate to. So when any of such people packed off suddenly, the motivation starts to dip. 

But reality is such that I have to accept, whether I like it or not. So what I can do to make myself feel better is none other than therapeutic cooking. The moment I came back home, I start to get my woks working and indeed, the soul feels comforted immediately and so much so that I wanna blog as well. 

Coming back to the dish, I know many people detest eating eggplants which I never used to fancy too. But ever since I have had this dish with Teochew mui or congee at the stalls, I start to have a liking for them. Especially when they are cooked with minced meat which you can find the recipe here, or this variation, which is cooked with spice and dried shrimps.

Eggplants tend to turn black easily when they are cut due to oxidisation with the air, similar to that when we cut apples. So to prevent this from happening, I blanch them in hot cooking oil with the purple sides drenched in the hot oil. This helps to retain the bright purplish colour of the eggplants and retains its texture too when they are stir fried later on.

This simple home-cooked is a brilliant fit with plain congee and I really love how the spice and fragrance of the dried shrimps come together with the tender eggplants.

It’s mid week today which makes it another 2 days before TGIF. So everyone including myself, hang on there ! In the meantime, enjoy this dish !! And do follow @eatwhattonight on Instagram for more daily updates !! 

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Spicy Eggplants with Dried Shrimps 辣炒虾米茄子


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 1 egg plant, cut into sections
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 2 tbsp dried shrimps, soaked in some water till soft and minced
  • 1 tbsp spicy bean paste (辣豆瓣酱)
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 chilli padi, diced
  • some cooking oil
  • some diced spring onion, for garnishing



14Nov, 2023
Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Noodles with Shrimps

Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Noodles with Shrimps – Eat What Tonight

Loved a good chow mien anytime and has been cooking this numerous times and has not gotten tired of it still. Am essentially those that can eat the same food over and over again if it’s nice and good, especially homecooked ones ! So this time, did a slight variation of the Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Noodles by adding some shrimps to it instead of the usual meaty affairs and it was as good as it can be too !

And sharing this awesome and fuss free recipe here which is really quite fool proof, trial and tasted several times with many people and so far the feedback has been pretty encouraging which is almost liked restaurant standard too but without all the MSG ! Hope you will like this recipe too !

10Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Mee Sua Noodles with Shrimps

Mee Sua, a kind of rice vermicelli that is often cooked for birthdays and longevity is usually used for soups as the texture of this noodle is such that it will turn mashy if it’s cooked for long. But some people precisely liked it for such mashy-ness as it tends to blend well with the soup and you can eat the noodles even without using chopsticks.

So if you were to churn this into a stir fry, there will be an extra step of deep frying the Mee Sua in hot oil first, then loosen the noodles in boiling water before it can finally be used for stir-frying. As such, there tends to be very limited places that market this dish. But the texture of the noodles itself is very good after stir-frying and the Mee Sua is also very delicious after packing in the flavors from the seasoning.

The usual suspects in stir-fry noodles are often sliced mushrooms, beansprouts and some greens. So I further topped it with some shrimps today to make it more wholesome. As the Mee Sua are usually packed in individual bundles sold in a small pack or box, so it’s very easy to determine how much servings you need and have it cooked accordingly. Especially for someone liked myself who doesn’t have many mouths to feed, so it makes the food proportioning much easier to manage.

9Nov, 2023
Assorted Mushrooms & Shrimps Stewed Rice 杂菇虾仁烩饭

Another easy one-plate meal ! Ideal for weekday nights dinner now because it’s back to the office regime once more. Everywhere is just crowded to begin with and still trying very much to get used to the alarm every morning now. At the end of the day after the commute journey, I just felt liked knocking out ! LOL. So my “more effort” cooking has been very much confined to weekends nowadays only.

For weekdays, such one-plate meal of everything is excellent when I just need to put everything together and enjoy a satisfying meal without too much hassle and cleaning up. Instead of packing in or food delivery, such home-cooked meals are definitely healthier and will also help to save money.

This dish is simple and yet taste really delicious. The assortment of mushrooms, vegetables and shrimps along with the sauce blend in perfectly together and mixing them into rice just packs a good satisfying meal that you probably just wished you had prepared more !