Char Siew Pastry 叉烧酥 – Eat What Tonight

Hello all ! It’s been sometime since I last made any pastries of any sorts, so here’s one to keep the ball rolling again. And this time is a typical Chinese Dim Sum choice – the Char Siew Pastry which boosts of a crisp and flaky skin along with a sweet and luscious char siew filling. As with all other pastries, quite a fair bit of effort involved there but the end results is certainly rewarding.

To keep things simplified for easy starters, we used ready char siew for this but prepared the sauce for the filling and dough skin from scratch. In addition, we make do with a square shaped pastry this time as it’s the easiest shape to begin with and comes with minimal wastage.

It tastes as exact replicas of what we had from Dim Sum restaurants and after going through the process, it certainly seem to be less daunting as what’s originally perceived. Sharing the details here to keep a record of it and hopefully benefit anyone who will be keen to give this a shot !