Seafood Pad Thai with Modori Sodam Cookware

So I finally got myself the Modori Sodam Cookware set which has been on my wish-list for the longest time ever since they first step foot in Singapore ! Been eyeing it for its sleek minimalist design and excellent space saving capabilities especially when you know how small and expensive houses can be nowadays, effective space management is important to make the best use of space you can get. What’s more, with their newly-in grilled pan and mini pot, I guess it’s just the right time to complete the collection there and then !

Yes, I also had Modori’s Chopping Board Set, Ceramic Modular Dish Set and Silicon Containers
All in matching colors !

Consider the amount of area it took to nestle 1 grill pan, 1 frying pan, 1 deep pan and 2 cooking pots, 5 items in all which take up only a small fraction of the kitchen cabinet space just make my ideology of having a minimalist lifestyle and dream kitchen more reachable and realistic.

Other than the aesthetically pleasing design that sits beautifully against the stovetop and which blends really well with most kitchen designs nowadays, the milky matt white natural exterior coating has an excellent non-stick ceramic coating that literally sees you getting your cooking done with minimal oil consumption which just translate to more cost savings and health benefits in the long run.

What’s more, the detachable pan/pot handle that comes with the Sodam Cookware Set works its versatility from the stove to table function also sees less washing to be done which meant lesser hassle and more time savings. And if the pan is pretty much grease-free, all it needs is a simple clean up with water itself and it’s pretty much all good to go.

With that, I served up a Seafood Pad Thai in a one-pan meal using the Modori Sodam frying pan that was cooked and served all together in one setting which literally makes everything a breeze. Talking about efficiency and here’s one functionality that’s definitely worth going for.

Now if you may ask if the cookware set sits well on all cooking stoves, and the answer is an awesome Yes. It can even go into the oven for all your baking needs as well, saving the moolah to get any extra baking pans which will just take up even more space again.

Do head on to for the best eye-candy cookware set that’s available in the market now !