How to Make Dried Sole Fish Powder for Fish Soup

Managed to get my fish soup fix again with some freshly red grouper fish that comes all neatly sliced and this is with much thanks to 9sSeafood ! And for those who enjoy fish soup as often as me, the dried sole fish powder is the essence in every fish soup for that extra unami boost. ⁣⁣

⁣And for those who have been asking, here are some pictures of the dried sole fish which was bought. In Mandarin, we called it “干扁鱼”. It costs around S$5 per 100g from the dry goods stall in the wet market (not sure if supermarket does sell but so far never seen any).⁣⁣

And this could last you a long time because you probably just need a small dollop of it for each serving of fish soup.⁣⁣ You can toast or air fried the sole fish but the house will probably smell a lot during the toasting, so do remember to keep your windows and doors open !