Pandan & Peanut Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls) in Ginger Soup

It’s the 7th day of the Chinese New Year which is known as 人日 and also the day where it’s everyone’s birthday. So Happy Birthday to All ! Most people will probably do a typical thing, that’s to gather around for another round of festive “Lou Hei” but for me, I find comfort in a warm and harmonious bowl of these homemade tang yuan in a soothing sweet ginger soup.

So my mum ask me how I manage to get the peanut fillings in without breaking the skin of the glutinous rice balls. And guess what’s my answer. Well I told her if you can’t get the fillings in, then you can always get the fillings out ! Another way of enjoying these mochi-alike tang yuan is to coat them in a mixture of crushed peanuts and fine sugar which is equally enjoyable !

Used pure pandan juice for these homely tang yuan without any artificial colorings and made them in mini sizes so that it’s easier to finish up and the warm ginger soup which was made from scratch as well taste really comforting too, especially when it’s pretty chilly these couple of days due to the constant rain !