12Nov, 2023
Fish Maw & Crabmeat Thick Soup

Fish Maw & Crabmeat Thick Soup – Eat What Tonight

Cooking up this dish requires a little more effort than usual because I had the soup stock prepped up from scratch using vegetables and chicken. But nevertheless it’s a rich and collagen packed hearty soup infused with flavors from the fish maw with the addition of diced crabmeat to enhance the sweetness of it all.

Ingredients for the Soup Stock
Ingredients for Fish Maw & Crabmeat Soup

And though a bit early for now, this makes a really good festive dish for the Chinese New Year especially when you realize this soup is going to be costly if you are having it at the restaurants. But it will only cost you a fraction of the price if you had it homecooked with all natural ingredients. Loved the color of the dish and to make it healthier, I also added a fair amount of vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms and garlic chives.

Hope this flavorful and delicious homecooked soup will excite you as much as I do !