20Nov, 2023
Easy Pizza Toast – Eat What Tonight

If you have noticed my IG feed, you would have realized that I am actually quite a toast or sandwich lover. I love that slight crispy edges on toast alongside with overflowing warm melting cheese on it. So I’ve been enjoying my toasts with several kinds of toppings or fillings that range from ham, bacon, tuna, corns, egg to otah. Much of it are my favorites to go on toasts.

And one of the absolute must have on a good toast will be the cheese. I’ve been using The Laughing Cow cheese for sometime and I must say the cheesiness and melting effect of the cheese is excellent. Very often that not, I will be using the Cheese slices for most of my toasts which you can simply tear them into pieces and spread them all over if you are making an open top toast like the Pizza toast that I’m having right now.

The Laughing Cow carries an assorted range of Cheese slices that goes from toast, sandwich to burger and light variations, which is really awesome because you can decide on the kind of cheese necessary for whichever purposes. Because the different varieties also determine the varied melting levels of the cheese as the one for the toast might have extra melting effect than the type for a sandwich.

The next most commonly used cheese from The Laughing Cow series will be the 8 Portions cheese spread and that’s when I simply need a good spread on some non-toasted wholemeal bread. Creamy, light and ham are available in individual packaging while you can have an assorted of paprika, herbs and mushrooms in a single selection pack.

In addition to the above, The Laughing Cow also carries a wide range of other cheese products with their promotional price for the month of July 2019 as follows. #thelaughingcowsg #snackyorway

  • 8 Portions Assorted @ 2 for $6.65
  • Cheese Slice Assorted @ 2 for $5.45
  • Belcubes 15 cubes Assorted @ 2 for $6.75
  • Belcubes 24 cubes Assorted @ 1 for $5.25
  • Mini Babybel Assorted @ 2 for 9.45
  • Cheez Dippers @ 2 for $8.95
  • Kiri 6P Assorted @ 1 for $3.60

So here’s to sharing a super easy and yummy pizza toast that you can churn out in less than 15 minutes for your quick breakfast fix. And it tastes absolutely similar to a pizza or even better because I added much of that extra melting cheese to my own contentment !

17Nov, 2023
Easy French Toast 简易法式吐司 – Eat What Tonight

I used to remember pigging into these easy french toasts for supper whenever the hunger pang strikes in the middle of the night. And my mom used to tell me their traditional way of making such toasts is simply coating the bread with egg and pan frying them with cooking oil. Perhaps I was influenced in such a way, I tend to favor these pretty “Chinese style” of french toasts literally than the English way where milk is included.

But I reckon that the difference is actually very insignificant and for those who are lactose intolerant, I guess this easy version will probably appeal to you better too. And I usually enjoy my french toasts with either slabs of butter, golden syrup, kaya jam or cinnamon sugar, which more on the sweet side I would say.

The old school way kicks in this time and so I had them with some kaya jam which was really awesome. Hopefully you will enjoy this easy french toast as much as I do too.