20Nov, 2023
Stir Fried Mee Sua (Wheat Vermicelli) 干炒面线

I think stir fried mee sua (wheat vermicelli) has to be the most challenging to cook of all stir fried noodles. Because of the texture of it, you gotta deep fry it before blanching the noodles and lastly stir frying it. Probably that’s the reason why this dish is only available at selected restaurants and I rarely seen anyone wanting to cook this at home too.

Most of us will probably go for the easier hong kong noodles which borne the most alike resemblance to this dish but is much easier to stir up instead. But since I practically enjoy all stir fried noodles, I told myself I ought to give this a shot. Conclusion is that it’s really tedious. I probably took more than an hour to prepare and cook this dish and only 15 minutes to finish it up. Ok, maybe I was taking my time too. But it does take sometime to get the oil to heat up and deep fry the noodles .

And there was a fair deal of cleaning up too. I had to use a wok to do the deep frying, another pot to blanch the noodles and had to quickly wash up the wok so that I could recycle it to stir fry the noodles at the last step.

Ask me if I would cook this again at home ? Hmm, I think I still will but only when the cravings are that strong and when I really have much time to spare. But nevertheless, the noodles taste and texture is something that’s uniquely delicious which it’s totally different from the stir fried Chinese noodles that we always had.

So yes, I would still wish to cook this again, one fine day. So presenting to you my very messy looking plate of yummy mee sua vermicelli noodles that was “painstakingly cooked”. LOL.

18Nov, 2023
Economical Fried Vermicelli 经济炒米粉 – Eat What Tonight

Well I think I probably have cooked this a zillion times but surprisingly I’ve never properly documented down the recipe here for even once. LOL. Maybe it’s something that I’ve cooked so often till I could remember the ingredients by heart and doesn’t even need any referrals for once. LOL.

But in the event that I ever gone senile next time (touchwood though!), I guess it’s still good to keep a record of this in my blog so that I could refer back whatever I’ve cooked thus far. An overseas colleague ever asked me why is our fried vermicelli called economical ? I guess it’s probably one of the cheapest breakfast options you can find around in our local stalls in the morning.

But if anyone of you know the history of why we called our fried vermicelli “economical”, please do share with me ya! And we as locals usually love to pair our vermicelli with some fried stuffs liked luncheon meat, egg, sausages, hash potatoes, fish cakes, fish fillets, etc. It’s not exactly the healthiest breakfast options around because of all the fried stuffs that we have it with, but still many of us for sure would certainly have this breakfast option at least once in a week I guess ?

And because it can be cooked up easily too, it also makes good sense if you want to cook up one for yourself at anytime of the day and enjoy it as a lunch or even dinner option liked what I’ve always done !

And this shall be a quick 1-minute cooking video for today ! Though the resolution is not that good because I am using the mobile, but I hope it’s good enough for you to know how to whip up one easy and tasty economical fried vermicelli from home !

16Nov, 2023
Easy Mee Sua (Wheat Vermicelli) Noodles soup 家常米线湯

Now this is a dish that I’ve cooked up pretty often. Kinda reminds me of the times when the old folks at home would prepped this up for anyone on their birthday. Typically served with a red egg (hard boiled egg that’s colored with red shells) in celebration of the occasion. And because wheat vermicelli noodles also have the meaning of longevity in Asian context, so the meaning of the dish becomes even more deeply rooted.

It’s a fairly simple and effortless dish as you can see from the video. The reason why I enjoyed cooking this often is that it requires such a minimal amount of effort that it can be compare relatively to an instant noodles fix. But it’s a whole lot healthier without the MSG and made a complete meal that comprises of noodles, soup, egg, vegetables and a little meat for protein.

Well I guess comforting foods like such play an even more important role during this stay home period as we learn to downsize our appetite and treasure however simple foods we may have in these times where food scarcity seems more surreal than ever.

14Nov, 2023
Singapore Style Fried Vermicelli 星洲米粉

I’ve been soooo slow in my blog postings recently despite the fact that I still have a couple of recipes on hand to post… Mainly due to the year end lazy bug getting into me and also for the fact that I’ve been clearing a whole year worth of annual leave in this last 2 months of the year that rendered me all the laziness. LOL. But I really enjoyed the peace and all the nothing-to-do time during the leave period now even though I’m unable to travel. It kinds of calm me down and allow me to simply chuck everything aside and just focus on a good bout of rest whilst emptying the brains and mind at the same time. Hope it has been the same for you too.

Coming back to this dish, it has been on my mind for a good period of time to try out this recipe but was held back simply because of a single ingredient which I do not usually have on hand, and that is tomato sauce. Because I don’t usually take tomato sauce as a dipping sauce by itself, so I thought it would be rather wasteful to buy a whole bottle of it just to satisfy this dish. But nevertheless, I bought a small bottle then because my heart is dying to cook Singapore Style Fried Beehoon at home !

And glad to say there was no regrets ! Although I am still having 90% of the tomato sauce sitting around, but I guess I can still use it for other purposes like a sweet and sour dish soon. This Singapore Style Fried Vermicelli is really tasty and I love the bout of sweet and savouriness that comes along with it. Notwithstanding the fact that I enjoyed all kinds of fried vermicelli from economical fried beehoon, to vegetarian to pork legs vermicelli, still the Singapore style never fails to impress.

For those who are based in Melbourne Australia, you can get your your hands on this Asian grocery online to try out the recipe !

7Nov, 2023
Stir-fry Spicy & Fragrant Vermicelli with Glass Noodles 香辣冬粉炒米粉

When I ran out of ideas on what to cook, I will serve up my favourite stir fry vermicelli. I added some homemade chili and glass noodles to the usual vermicelli to give it a little twist today. And for this particular recipe, no oyster sauce has been used and the main seasoning came from the fish sauce and light soya which explains for the whiter colors of the vermicelli as compared to the usual darker ones.

The spice was pretty moderate and I added a good amount of vegetables to this recipe which make it more appetizing and delicious.