Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭

Honestly speaking, I think it’s quite rare to find any fried rice that’s not nice. Fried rice by itself is quite tasty and just by altering the different ingredients that go into it, we give them different names.

So this Yang Zhou Fried Rice is a typical fried rice with a little more added ingredients, such as meat and in this case Char Siew or if you prefer can add some shrimps too, mixed vegetables (the frozen kind) and scrambled eggs. The addition of char siew meat with the fried rice and eggs itself makes a really good combination and with this alone, I can easily clear a huge plate of fried rice all by myself.

In Chinese restaurants or food stalls, this dish is a common and popular dish by itself. Even vegetarian food stalls tend to carry this dish as well using mock char siew which can be really good too. Whilst my recipe probably doesn’t carry that much wok-hei (the flavourful char-ness from the hot fire wok in commercial settings), it is still tasty by itself especially when you can add any and more of whatever ingredients you like in your own fried rice.